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Nov 25, 2012

FanZoom.net began in July of 2007. Since then fanzoom.net has become one of the most popular and largest fansite hosts on the internet. fanzoom.net is unique because we focus on helping hostees create and maintain successful and popular fansites. Derek, the owner of fanzoom.net, used to have many of his own fansites and could not stand running out of space and having to contact his fansite hosts to give him more space so Derek decided to start his own fansite hosting company that provided unlimted space and bandwidth! fanzoom.net is and always will be 100% free, no costs at all. Fast and easy support is availible 24×7 via. email or chat to all hostees. Please consider fanzoom.net when making your decision to either open a new fansite or transfer your existing fansite to a new host. Of course, fanzoom.net will be there to assist you in the transfer of your fansite.

To apply for a fansite at fanzoom.net, simply fill out the form below.

(In case the form is not working, send an email to: fanzoomhost[at]gmail.com with the following information:
1. the URL that you want (username.fangalaxy.org, or username.celebwire.org)
2. a layout preview of the fansite (upload to an image host like tinypic.com or attach to the email).

That’s it :)
You will get a response usually within a couple minutes or a couple hours if you are accepted